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Solar Electricity is also known as Photovoltaics or “PV” for short. PV systems can be mounted on a roof or on the ground. They provide electricity for buildings such as your home or office; they can also provide electricity for factories or utilities.


How it Works:

  • Light from the sun strikes the PV module (also known as the PV panel) and makes DC electricity. DC means Direct Current. It is the same kind of electricity that batteries produce.
  • Your home runs off AC electricity, or Alternating Current. To convert the DC electricity from the panels to the AC electricity for your home, we install an inverter (see the diagram). The inverter is usually installed in your garage or basement. We try to install your inverter as close as possible to your circuit breaker panel.
  • The inverter will be wired to a new breaker in your panel which will feed electricity into your home, rather than pull it from the grid.
  • During the day, this will cause your utility to meter to slow down or spin backwards. Now the solar panels are supplying your house with electricity, not the utility grid.
  • You will only be charged for what you pulled from the grid at night if it is more than what you produced during the day. We like to size systems that provide close to 100% of your electric use so that your utility bill will be negligible.

"Qmax Solar is certified to install solar electric systems in homes and businesses in india."

1. Solar Module specification/ Configuration from 3 Watt to 300Wat.

  Technical power 3W 5W 10W 20W
  Tolerance % +-3% +-3% +-3% +-3%
  Max.power voltage V 8.20 17.0 17.0 17.2
  Max,power current A 0.40 0.29 0.58 1.16
  Open circuit voltage V 9.00 21.6 21.6 21.6
  Short circuit current A 0.65 0.34 0.68 1.16


  Pmax range (Wp) Isc(A) Ipm(A) Vpm(V) Voc(v) Frame Type
  30-40 1.95-2.65 1.7-2.35 17.7-18 21.2-21.4 Heavy Duty
  45-50 2.95-3.25 .5-2.8 17.7-18 21.2-21.4 Heavy Duty
  70-80 4.25-4.85 3.9-4.5 17.7-18 21.2-21.4 Heavy Duty
  5.8-6.5 5.8-6.5 5.1-5.6 17.7-18 21.2-21.4 Heavy Duty
  110-120 6.95-7.10 6.2-6.8 17.7-18 21.2-21.4 Heavy Duty
  130-160 7.95-9.20 7.3-90 17.7-18 21.2-21.4 Heavy Duty
  185 7.00 6.85 27.05 33.00  
  200 7.40 7.20 27.80 34.50  
  210 7.70 7.40 28.40 34.50  
  235 8.25 8.05 29.20 34.50  
  240 8.35 8.15 29.50 34.50  
  250 8.40 8.35 29.95 34.50  

2. Charge controller with specification

Model Voltage Current Type Max. SPV capacity
QM-SC-12V-01 12 5Amps Solid-State Up to 60 Wp
QM-SC-12V-02 12 10Amps µp based PWM Up to 120 Wp
QM-SC-12-24-30 24 20 Amps µp based PWM Up to 480 Wp


The Solar Controller applies in solar photovoltaic systems, which coordinates the working of solar panels, batteries and loads.It adds some protection functions, so that the entire system can be in efficient and safe operation.


  • LED Display With Various Types Of Batteries with automatic Recognition Of Input Voltage and Intelligent Temperature Compensating
  • Overload Protection, Overcharge Protection, Short Circuit Protection
  • Thunder Protection and Reverse-Discharge Protection
  • Converse Polarity Connection Protection and Low-Voltage Protection

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We design, manufacture, supply,erection,testing,commissioning and warranty with comprehensive maintenance contract under regular operation on EPC basis starting range from 1kw onward.

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