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Why Solar (Benefits of Solar Energy)

Energy is a scarce resource, the cost of which is rising every year day by day, it becomes necessary for commercial setups and individuals to shift to a source of energy that can be harnessed without the source getting depleted and at the same time without having an incremental impact on the overhead costs. Opting for solar as a source of energy, the above mentioned requirement can be met.


Benefits of having a solar plant

Save Tax: Accelerated depreciation benefit of 80% is allowed in 1st Year on investments in solar power projects.


Value your environment: Solar as an alternative source of energy, It protecting the environment from global warming. For example: A100KW solar plant can save approx 10lac liter of diesel and approx 3700 tones greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere.


Estimated payback: The estimated payback period of solar project is 2 to 6 years depending on your existing cost of energy. Thus it generates costless electricity for the balance life of the project.


Generation of electricity: Setting up a 100Kwp plant, it generates over 400 units a day. Per unit cost of electricity being Rs 7 that shall remain constant for next 25 years.


Avail Subsidy: MNRE provides 30% subsidy on solar power projects for captive consumption through Accredited channel partners.


Rise of Electricity cost generated from conventional sources is increasing: Annually, the electricity cost rises at approximately 5% and diesel at 7.5%. Thus, the ever increasing cost of electricity & diesel combined with shortage of power for industry makes it a compelling proposition for industry to switch to solar.


Return of Investment: Solar give up great ROI. It is affordable and give us great return of our one time investment.

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We design, manufacture, supply,erection,testing,commissioning and warranty with comprehensive maintenance contract under regular operation on EPC basis starting range from 1kw onward.

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